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raw navel

by Pink Navel

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this morning like most i took off my shirt in the bathroom noticed navels navel raw, needed paint. wore nylons to cvs, bought the pink in a water bottle favorite brand. favorite shade. navels navel painted fresh again but knows the washing off is sacred. knows that painting pink is optional and sacred. i can flip sample tracklist attack hits and rap with accents that laps gives. but when instrumentals attack them, know how closing app happens navel master of cracking hard drives. fine cause next beat better chose pink for the mix. favorite sounds. navels noodles hot and breathing, but knows it’ll cool in the car and at the function. knows that choosing pink is optional and sacred. drive long, nights far cause seasons shift the time too. my time to think. and when red lights turn pink i know headspace is limited focus on getting intimate in the window of then that is now only through pink ink pen. favorite share. navels notebook scrawled front back sideways and scratched when the mind hates. but when cleared, pink appears and knows that there is the permanence where pink is no choice but a change in natural perseverance navels navel raw but noticed pink stayed strongly. wore nylons to cvs, bought a fresh bottled water clear so when saw through, the navel pink exalts new.
when a navel turns raw it is ready for a pant job mike said pink is out, i grab my bucket and pen because i don't want to miss a spot around it innie, open to arms crossed of influence i wear my hero on my sleeve and my skateboard deck had lyrics i wrote in chalk on grip tape. navel, innie cause in it is codes coded to set me straight rather collapse than accept my navel could close off so i paint it pink to match my bright sox wear them shamelessly i aim strictly to change when open
devin has forgotten nothing, stop bluffing devin probably coughs when running i'm not bluffing, off gunning, not churning new songs out taking pics in my moms house, taking rips in my moms house, making flips in my moms house, i don't know, and that's what i want these days not a rapper if you flaunt these days it's like.. i can't talk these days without getting into fights with my thoughts these days i feel filleted served and tossed out university getting crossed with my moms house, and i'm small like a raw mouse raw navel devin has forgot nothing i'm not nobody flows body stop bluffing cop trunks of beats that take me out finally a reason putting on pants that don’t stick my pee out, shows get me out. yes on stage my beat rocks and i see out heads bounciing you doubt but don’t forget navel knew the beats before they threw out dads old brews now, drinks them when i feeling confused now please pops hear my new sound please pops hear my new sound if my pops knew i wanted to wear gowns he’d… please pops hear my new sound devin knew it first, songs be that motive light end of hurt i need the rock, earn it not easy to churn it out, so face facts and scout the way rap keeps yoda on my back we knew it not detracting, just write forward i wish my mentor would show their face or could exist at any rate know me as the kid that keeps a heavy slate know me as the priority ready plate proportions usually setting fake inspirations, motivations expectations i see it as new replacements plans people forsaken themselves with college for greatness. i just want a nice place to rock and time to take socks off my feet and talk, just to myself. i don’t want to face the true meaning of lives yet. they would just rather watch the change change behind them
i need fixing i need someone to come through and fix me navel didn't ask for this i try hard but get sick when i'm passing spliffs to acts trackin hits in my back room, yeah navel tags you in like you need to spit to make cash you livin in camp laslo lazy bean has yo own song to dab to, didn't need to have you at the spot round two beats lost pound new beats off i beat off to songs down my avenue i think beats keep me good weak knees couldn't stop d yes we should bounce when w need to control beats i see through believe new ways to see people shift like green goo changing when they see too fit i need to get fit if i'm gonna beat you i'm gonna beat me one day my mind on own track prozac running laps did not stand for no human nature i am too clueless to my nomenclature navels face is erased bros hate her girls hate him, always feel like they're faking race and known place in spaces safe for me knowledge keeping me uninformed we, need to know more navel not nice when knifes stuck in they're own form i need fixing i need someone to come through and fix me am i accurate to guess who i am i wish dev was file extension i'm not so good at guessing so give me a second p i n k . dev is the message. if i could be a song no one could drag the mud along my silly body navel done hiding through being sorry even if it's raw the navel can shine brightly pink! i'm the cute ink squirter rhymes neato pink baby octopus from finding nemo could you guess i'm always making a beat though? i focus on mix too much cover songs in pink sound around new ones export to .dev and focus on the roll out navel not nice cause they never were a boy scout
raw navel!!!! give me a song i could be it not stable inside my body i'm done with it no able to be the person i want to be humanly running laps was the reason back then but lately songs what i want to be!!! the space in between the kick and snare rhymes are the blue hair covering it fashionably it am rapping when i'm rapping you see i identify with that more than any body being navel nearly nice but knew they gotta voice the feeling raw raw!!! i am ever changing effortlessly get me in this new blue tee get me in this new blue dress get me in nothing to confess my stretch marks are where i keep my favorite bars best be kept a secret navel so neat but needs to show weakness once upon a time i screamed hits, told people all my secrets through riffs i had no hand in saying names i shouldnt slam thin embarrassing now i spit but before recording take claritin and craft jamming hymns for my own songs wish i could've been one but when they stop i'm still on.
p-i-n-k.dev 02:16
P I N K, N A V E L could you spell my name if i asked you to its not you that I’m rapping to its me that I’m rapping to
i do not know who the fuck i am not trying to be cryptic inside cause really i am tired like so exhausted of trying to fine answers in life small responses to my own scoffs and, controlled substance use i don’t know why my thumbs confuse my phone with my bowl pack known to take prozac but refrains those whack foot stance replacement stubs with herb and beats that thump them i do not know who the fuck i am not trying to be cryptic inside cause really i am tired like, so lost inside my own closet blocked it off cause all the clothes buying don’t fit inside them, or around them i guess I’m high so buy this as real true i can’t feel you i can’t feel me but i’ll rap when you ask to hear me cause i’d like to and when spitting stops i’ll invite you to the next gig i hope that you like you and i hope my rhymes help that im so lost like a dry soft wet nap clean my face when i get that give me space then embrace when i get that not sick of feeling best fat, just sick of feeling different every set back turn around my feelings turn around and then i check that cell phone again smash that shit because the moans hum around them apollo when he’s pounding agamemnon to drown them drown me
too short of one thing at times race ambiguous face ambiguous gotta give it space when thinking off too much, who am i who is you i could wear a new tux i could wear an old denim dress that i bought to impress my own thoughts. would make a beat inside it, then change before the homies come through so they could buy it. had a client once call me the only boy in toms he thought that it was odd i wore shoes for small fries or ladies in his mind. kicked out after session over got the cash and went to the tailor. went to the thrift shop. bought a record and a flannel vest that goes down to the middle of my calf. i am wearing it to write this but will change once a nigga says "hey, could you hype us? could you hype this gig we have you on? “YOUNG MALE RAPPER TAKES RAP BARS TOO FAR?" i take it all too far, thoughts scattered lost patterns shop at the ER kinda think scrubs are tight, not when they tight on me but i'd wear a tee if it had bright arms. i could sew it myself a beat gown that i wear to impress the simple need in my chest. navel not nice cause knifes cut their best clothes. cause knifes keep their chest closed. cause why is it a problem if they feel the best clothed? if they want to open shows, nice slacks would be helpful, but sometimes a nigga wants to simply change the schedule idunno. it's a handful of moments i feel chosen to keep quiet, no wonder beats are the only reason i desire life to keep its fire. i think if i could just dispel all my expired skin, hair, organs physical human gorgeousness if it was gone i could adorn myself a kick and a snare loop, and the air between is me there floating no worries bought if dresses are a problem for this boy we'd rather just rock to this.. when you are reading vinyl record inserts do you think you could be a song on the wax turn i think this is the one i would be, strong but a soft tone lost in a loopy navel arrested to it wish they could change to beyond a body dot dev is the file extension im sorry my spitting is glorified reflection do you think i'm doing this for pension do you think you are the reason for raw navel album collection songs to keep head spin, off. this is not for you i wish i could change to this track so you would see that my fluently spoke flame insane, true to me that i can do it raw navel on track list you spit every one feeling better that these songs are getting done navel not nice when i'm quietly projecting fun my songs taken me to a place that i thought i wouldn't get without buying fried expired ox hide to wear when i spit my hair falls to a lop side, feel good when it happen tho navel knew it first that the words keep them apropos good loop, drive it out drink dunkies like a little girl, i'm feeling fine this way and if i bounce i could bounce with a new curl, on my locks locking greatness of artwork and faces remembering my tapes in, the back the van vanessa probably could've standed years of our command artwork is the gas that fuels my van fast and keeps me on lock to life's that stay vast, navel attracts rap so close that they wish dot dev was a wave to ride stealing bases in a way that keeps them as a file in the basement computer bumping same great hit every click of it never have to change if the file stays intimate.


this is raw navel!!!!!! im happy to say that i am finally able to share the album that i spent a long time making. these beats are beats that i made into songs that i carry with me everywhere! when i drive in the car these songs exist in my chest!!!!! alas, i do wish it was the other way around, that .dev was its own file extension and that my existence was limited to it. if i could be an mp3 on your computer, i would only need to speak my beautiful track when asked!!! i could live my days on your desktop, warm from the glow of your monitor!!!! that is where i wish i could be, but i am stuck to this meat sack, until i die. awe well!!! i made these songs!!!!

-devin bee

artwork by ryan kostopoulos


released January 1, 2017


all rights reserved



Pink Navel Pembroke, Massachusetts

rapper, beatmaker

booking: oliverbookingco@gmail.com

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