from raw navel by Pink Navel

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i need fixing
i need someone to come through and fix me

navel didn't ask for this
i try hard but get sick when i'm passing spliffs
to acts trackin hits in my back room,
yeah navel tags you
in like you need to spit to make cash you
livin in camp laslo lazy bean has yo
own song to dab to, didn't need to have you
at the spot round two beats lost
pound new beats off i beat off
to songs down my avenue

i think beats keep me good
weak knees couldn't stop d yes we should
bounce when w need to
control beats i see through
believe new ways to see
people shift like green goo
changing when they see too fit
i need to get fit if i'm gonna beat you

i'm gonna beat me one day
my mind on own track prozac running
laps did not stand for no human nature
i am too clueless to my nomenclature
navels face is erased bros hate her
girls hate him, always feel like they're faking
race and known place in spaces safe for me
knowledge keeping me uninformed we,
need to know more
navel not nice when knifes stuck in they're own form

i need fixing
i need someone to come through and fix me

am i accurate to guess who i am
i wish dev was file extension
i'm not so good at guessing
so give me a second
p i n k . dev is the message.

if i could be a song
no one could drag the mud along
my silly body
navel done hiding through being sorry
even if it's raw the navel can shine brightly
i'm the cute ink squirter rhymes neato
pink baby octopus from finding nemo
could you guess i'm always
making a beat though?

i focus on mix too much
cover songs in pink sound around new ones
export to .dev and focus on the roll out
navel not nice cause they never were a boy scout


from raw navel, released January 1, 2017


all rights reserved


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